Friday, September 26, 2008

Rose Coloured Starling

Another 1st for me, the Rose Coloured Starling. Alright its not an awesome adult male, but what a great bird. I have thrown one image of a common Starling in with the Rose-coloured above for comparison. Look at the pale yellowish bill base compared to the common Starling and how the bill is shorter and more blunt looking.

This juvenile Rose-coloured Starling is a lot more pale than a juvenile Starling, but has much darker wing markings. Two new birds in two days, who knows what might happen next, its been a great week for migrants on the east coast.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brown Shrike

What a MEGA bird! The Brown Shrike seen recently at Flamborough Head is only the 5th recorded in the UK and a first for Yorkshire and a lifer for me. The other sightings were: 1985 - Shetland, 2000 Shetland, 2001 Scilly's and 2004 Shetland.

As you can see from the images above the bird was hanging around with a Red Backed Shrike, and both birds were very distant, ok through a scope, but very hard to capture a decent image through the DSLR. Also reported at Flamborough today: Red Breasted Flycatcher, Yellow Browed Warbler, Lapland Bunting and Long Tailed Skua.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bempton's Migrants

Pied Flycatcher

Garden Warbler

Northern Wheatear

Common Redstart

Of course you can not visit Bempton Cliffs without looking over the view points, so below are a few images of the usual suspects that you see on the cliffs at this time of the year.



I have been a bit quiet on the blog recently, my apologies for that, have been very busy, but however still have had the time to get a few days out birding, so keep checking the blog and of course don't forget to check my website also -