Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Peregrine Children

The local Peregrine Family is very busy at present with the adults constantly catching prey for the young ones. The adults have produced 4 young this year and two have fledged and the other two where very close in fledging. Just watching the young Peregrines is an amazing sight, as they sit on the cliff ledges they are forever vigilant always looking up in the sky and watching the Kittiwakes, Pigeons and Rock Pipits that are present on the cliff.

I hope to take another look in a few days time to see if all four young birds are patrolling the cliff with the adults teaching them how to hunt.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bass Rock 2009 - Part 1

11.06.09 - 18.06.09

Well would you credit it! Just a few days after posting the above image on my blog and uploading it to the Birdguides Image Library I was awarded my first "Photo of the week". Many thanks to the Birdguides panel for choosing my Gannet image as POTW.

Bass Rock - words are hard to describe this amazing place! Sir David Attenborough once described it as "One of the wildlife wonders of the world", Chris Packham voted the Bass as No 1 in "Nature's Top 40". Home to 150,000 gannets, you have to really visit this place in the flesh to experience the amazing site, smell and noise of this incredible natural wonder.

The trip over to the Bass Rock is organised by the Scottish Seabird Centre, the centre itself is very impressive, please take a visit. Based in the town of "North Berwick", the Scottish Seabird Centre has a Discovery Centre, Shop and Cafe (great food) and there is an admission charge to take a look in the Discovery Centre (well worth a look around), this is where all the webcams are situated sending images back from Bass Rock, Isle of May and Fidra.

Landing and spending time on the rock is just incredible, how could you possibly top that? On your return trip back from the rock you will experience what I think is the most incredible wildlife spectacle you could possibly experience in your lifetime, is the chumming of the gannets. Fish bits are thrown over board and it only takes a matter of a few minutes before you have diving gannets within a couple of feet from the boat side - unbelievable. If you are contemplating on taking a trip over to the Bass Rock the only advice I could give to you is - JUST DO IT!

Bass Rock 2009 - Part 2 coming soon........