Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Desert Wheatear - Part II

The second attempt at getting some decent images of the Desert Wheatear at Cromer Point and finally some decent light levels. The bird was showing very well and started to use the fence posts as a lookout to the field below for grubs etc. A cracking bird, hope it sticks around for a few more days.


darrell j prest said...

great pictures,better than mine,i think i helped you with your very friendly dog today as you looked to be struggling,i had the hand held 350d and the sigma 50-500

great stuff


Steve Race said...

Hi Darrell
Yes it was me you helped and Jess the dog, thanks for that. Did you get the Firecrest??

East Ayton Birding said...

Thanks for the text on the Firecrest Steve - is there such a thing as the best area to stand or view.

Saw Darrell at Scalby Mills - well worth a check of his blog when you get the chance, very entertaining.

Class shots again.

darrell j prest said...

saw the firecrest,briefly twice.but no pics.
a fantastic day in scarbourgh


Steve Race said...


I took the shots of the Firecrest on top of the gully on the Cromer side looking down in to Crook Ness. I tried walking down the path, but found you could cover more ground from above.