Saturday, December 22, 2007

Scalby Lodge Pond

Smew with Pink Footed Goose

Grey Lags, Pink Foot and Smew

Smew and Canada Goose

Pink Footed Goose

Grey Lag Goose



Grey Herons
A dash up to Scalby Lodge Pond as a Redhead Smew had been reported and an Iceland Gull. The Smew was showing well from a distance, but no sign of the Iceland Gull. One individual Pink Footed Goose was present with 48 Grey Lag Geese and 36 Canada Geese. Wigeon were constantly flying on to the pond and a large flock of at least 50+ Redshank was at roost.
On the small pond above Scalby Lodge Pond 9 Grey Herons were perched around the external fence, a fantastic site (see above pic).

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