Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RSPB Bempton Cliffs


Herring Gull

A quick dash to Bempton to try and see the Short Eared Owl that was showing well for most of the day around the visitor centre. Got to the reserve for 3.00pm (very wet & very dark), no sign of the owl, it had moved on due to the rain storm an hour before my arrival. At least 1000+ Gannets had been reported early morning on the cliffs, but I could only find 3 birds flying back and forth at sea level.

Apparently the Gannets do leave the cliffs to go fishing out at sea, and to see them all return is a spectacular sight, but it didn't happen in the short time I was there. Large numbers of Fulmars on the cliffs, giving good aerial views, will take another visit when the light and weather conditions improve.

Birds to see at Bempton in the forthcoming months:







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