Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Glaucous Gull

At last a "White Winged Gull", with a 1st winter bird being very obliging on Filey Country Park. As I arrived the mist started to roll in very quickly, in fact I spent about 5 minutes with this bird before visability was down to just 2 feet, hence the slight differnce in exposures on some of the above images. Thanks to Dave Mansell for dropping me a text about this bird.


Little Brown Job said...

Wonderfully detailed photos, especially given the encroaching mist.

I must admit my gull identification was never up to much, hoping to get some practice in at Bempton in few weeks.


Island Rambles Blog said...

Lovely photos of the Glaucous ..most of our gulls are the Glaucous winged gulls, I am hopeless on iding the rest. I know we have Heermanns, and Mews. Would the pictures you took be of the female Glaucous?

Steve Race said...

It is quite hard to determine the sex of most gulls, the Glaucous Gull is a juvenile/1st winter bird.
Wow - Heermanns, Glaucous winged and Mew Gulls are some of your local gulls, wish we got those over here!