Sunday, March 02, 2008

Howden's Pullover, Lincolnshire

Glossy Ibis

Little Egret

Brent Geese


Reed Bunting

I took a trip down to Howden's Pullover on the Lincolnshire Coast to see the spanish ringed Glossy Ibis. I set off from Scarborough at 5.30am and arrived at Howden's Pullover for 7.30am, the weather started off quite overcast before the sun started to break through mid morning. To get to see this bird a 3 mile walk was ahead , but the scenery made up for it as well as seeing Little Egret, Skylark, Reed Bunting, Brent Geese, Pink Footed Geese, Greenshank, Shoveler and Shelduck on the way.
Because I arrived nice and early there was nobody around, it took me quite some time to locate the Ibis but once found never forgotten, what a bird. Constantly feeding on frogs, newts and small fish the Ibis would occasionally take flight over to another pool to start feeding again looking for more tasty morsels to fill its appetite.
Eventually birders started to arrive to watch this bird in all its glory, with the sun peeping through the clouds helping to show this birds amazing plumage. As more and more birders arrived the bird didn't seem bothered that much with human presence and was showing well up to 20 feet. After my pack lunch and several images later I took the long walk back to the car once again taking in the surrounding scenery before the car journey back to Scarborough.


Little Brown Job said...

Beautifully detailed shot of the Reed Bunting, love the Glossy Ibis.


Steve Race said...

Thanks Paul, the Reed Bunting was calling for a mate, showing well on top of the long grass. It was great to get to see the Ibis, took quite a bit of finding but it eventually decided to make an appearance.