Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Talking to a local birder up on Danby Beacon and he told me how the Dotterel come back to the same area of Danby Beacon each year on migration, now that is amazing. I had to visit the site to witness this elegant colourful wader as it made its brief stop on the Beacon. As I spotted my first Dotterel I was amazed once again as I counted not just one but eleven birds in total, feeding frantically amongst the burnt patches of heather. Don't you just love the month of May, I wonder what is going to drop in next?


East Yorkshire Wildlife said...

Nice dotterel shots, fantasic detal.Great birds too, I might go up at the weekend if they hang around.

Steve Race said...

Thanks for the comment. They are great birds to watch, I would make the trip if they are still there, you will not be disappointed.

Little Brown Job said...

Wonderful shots of this colourful wader.


Steve Race said...

Thanks Paul. The Dotterel is just an amazing wader, its been along time since I have caught up with this bird, very satisfying.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Hi Steve
Love the Dotterel shots, a bird I have never seen.
Was hoping to go tonight but, out of area tomorrow so hoping they hang on till Sunday before DIY & Premiership commitments!
Have added link thanks.

Steve Race said...

Hopefully they will stick around Mike. 11 birds have been seen today and the birds have been present since Tuesday, so there is a good chance that you could be lucky. You will enjoy, they are a spanking bird.