Sunday, June 01, 2008

Red Backed Shrike

Finally I caught up with my first Red Backed Shrike of the year! There has been a few Red Backs reported in the Scarborough area over the past few days, which I have missed out on. One bird another male was seen at Ravenscar last week, I took an early morning visit (5.30am) up to Ravenscar to find that I was to be greeted by the dense morning fog, so I dipped on that one.
The above bird was reported in the hedgerow running down the field that meets the southern end of the old Scarborough tip. I spent a couple of hours with this bird and eventually I managed to get fairly close, in which it did oblige with some decent views.


Snowbabies said...

Great shots Steve, beautiful markings.


Steve Race said...

Thanks Paul, The Red Backed Shrike is a magnificent bird, and yes you stated it, the markings are incredible, almost looks like it is hand painted.