Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What A Beauty!

Great Grey Shrike

After a tip off from Paul Scales (many thanks Paul) at 9.00pm on the 19th, of a Great Grey Shrike last seen that day at 3.30pm on the coastal path behind South Cliff Golf Club, Scarborough I just knew it had to be an early morning dash before work to see if this stunning bird was still in the area.

I gave Nick Addey (Scarborough Birders Recorder) a quick call again the night before just to let him know a GGS had been seen in our recording area and told him that I would be checking the area out first thing in the morning. So I arrived at the site the next morning and as I was setting up my equipment Nick pulled up in his car. We both made the short walk from the car park along the coastal path to the area which Paul Scales had so kindly given me directions too.

After a fair bit of scanning around Nick found the bird at the base of a bush halfway down the cliff side. We watched the bird for a good 10 minutes before it started to get active and then to our amazement the little beauty flew up to a bush just a few metres away. Both myself and Nick then spread the word to other fellow Scarborough Birders before I had to dash off to work. What a great start to the day, just hope it sticks around for a while.


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Great shots, good fortune that it came so close. Great start to the day!

Steve Race said...

Thanks Mike. What a magnificent bird to see up close, I was very lucky that morning.

Steve's Wildlife And Birding Blog. said...

Great images Steve,nice to meet up with you last Sunday at Holbeck.