Thursday, November 06, 2008

Great Northern Diver

Its been along time coming!! Out of the four species of diver in Britain and Europe I have only managed to photograph Red-throated Diver and Black-throated Diver, so when I heard that a Great Northern Diver was reported in my local harbour, I just had to get down there and hope to see if I could get some decent images.

The weather conditions were quite grim, grey sky, slightly foggy and a slight drizzle and to top things off the bird had left the harbour and was now fishing in the middle of the South Bay. So I did what a wildlife photographer had to do and just wait, hope and pray that the Diver would eventually get close for a decent picture.

After getting very cold and quite damp I noticed that the Great Northern Diver was slowly making its way back towards the harbour and after about another 10 minutes I could not believe my luck, there it was just 5 feet in front of my lens and the rest is just history - bring on the White-billed!

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