Saturday, April 26, 2008

King Eider

What a MEGA bird! Only the third record for Yorkshire (so I was told), to see this bird so close to home off the North Landing at Flamborough Head was just amazing. My second record, 1st sighting was back in the late eighties in Aberdeenshire, so to be given the chance again of seeing this species was just fantastic.
Got to Flamborough for 6.00am but it didn't show until 8.20am, but it was well worth the wait as the bird showed fairly close off the North Landing before it eventually flew off further south along the headland.


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Nice shots of the King Eider Steve.
Went for the Hoopoe this afternoon but it had disappeared.
Might try for the King Eider tomorrow.
Best wishes

Steve Race said...

Thanks Mike. The King Eider is well worth going for, be patient and it should show, it took two and half hours yesterday before it appeared, and the rest is history.