Monday, April 07, 2008

Scarborough Harbour

Great Crested Grebe


The Great Crested Grebe was present in the harbour again after appearing for a couple of days last week and in between the snow showers eventually came up close for me to snap a few images. Two Kittiwakes have arrived back in the harbour and were perched on two old nests on the side of the pier just below the lighthouse.
I took a drive around the Marine Drive on the way home and the 400+ Kittiwakes which have been sat on the sea where now on the cliff face, a fantastic site to see and hear, also on the headland were numerous pairs of Fulmars.


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Nice Great Crested Grebe shots Steve. My experience pituring GC Grebes todate is that they never seem quite right. I think they are a difficult subject, usualy fairly distant.

Steve Race said...

Thanks Mike. Yeah, Great Crested Grebes are a bit tricky to get close to. The bird in the harbour took quite a bit of stalking and moving from pier to pier until I managed to catch it swimming out of the harbour mouth.