Thursday, July 17, 2008

Isle of Lunga

I took a boat trip out to the Isle of Lunga to spend sometime with my favourite bird - The Puffin. I have been many times to the Farne Islands and Bempton Cliffs to see the Puffin, but on Lunga is the closest I have been to this species. You can get so close, to within 3 0r 4 feet to be exact.

I got talking to a couple of wardens on the island and they were telling me how the seabirds on the island have taken quite a decline this year. I noticed how hardly any birds where frequently returning with sand eels and what I thought would be great numbers to be seen on the island just turned out to be a few hundred.

I buried myself in to a small community of Puffins for a couple of hours and managed to get some great shots, above is just a taster of what I have taken on my visit to the island. I will probably add another post later in the year, just to remind myself what a great place Lunga is for photographing this little special seabird.

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Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing .I love them.I hope one day I will be as good as you are.