Monday, July 28, 2008

Local Peregrines

Have been visiting the local Peregrine family most mornings recently, but have really struggled with some crap light conditions. Dull, dark weather followed by a couple of days of dense fog coming in off the sea.

Anyway that's enough of the moaning lets get to the birds. The three juvenile birds are in overdrive at the moment chasing Kittiwakes like there's no tomorrow, with the adults just perched on the cliff face watching with amusement. At one stage I very nearly had all five birds in my view finder, which would of made a very interesting image.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good day of decent weather so I can make another visit and try and get some sharp images.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
An excellent series of shots esp. the juv in flight! Well done.
Darren Ward

Steve Race said...

Hi Darren

Thanks for the kind comments. I had some fun with the Peregrines especially the juvs, they are crazy, attacking everything that flies past the cliff face.