Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mull's Mammals

Red Deer

Bearded Seal

Grey Seal

Just a couple of the many species of mammal you can see on Mull. The rare Bearded Seal has been present off the Isle of Ulva for quite sometime, notice the very long whiskers of this species. Both Common and Grey Seals are present on the island, but I could just not manage to get any shots of the Common Seal.

Red Deer (what a sight) can be seen across the island especially very early in the morning (4.30am), lots of females present, but you can not fail to be drawn in to the stags with their outstanding antlers. I also saw Basking Shark off the island, and after many attempts of looking for Otter,  I could just not get a glimpse of this beautiful mammal.


Snowbabies said...

Wondeful shots Steve!


Steve Race said...

Thanks paul. Its an amazing place for wildlife, if you have not already paid a visit, then make sure you do so.